Sunday, March 22, 2009

In the Beginning . . .

I am waiting for something, or someone, to arrive but I don't know what or who. This weary feeling occasional lifts and I become a man of action, but for the most part I just observe and keep an internal running tally of things with a wan smile on my ruddy face . . . until now.

My reasons for penning this blog are simple: to chronicle the abominable, the strange and the occasionally awe inspiring events that I experience. However, most importantly, I see this blog as an opportunity to laugh at just how sublimely absurd this life truly is.

Whether it be frustration from the subway as I schlep to and from my office in Times Square, the sense of injustice that being a Cleveland Browns/Indians fan inspires or the masochistic joy that follows an ear splitting Mogwai show, I am giving you a front row seat to the cinemaplex in my head.

Make sure you boo or applaud as you see fit . . .

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