Friday, June 19, 2009

Waiting For Next Year, yet again . . .

With the Tribe, led by a bullpen that surely makes up the 10th circle in Dante's Hell, dying a slow death in the basement of the AL Central, I have slowly begun to turn my attention to the Browns. Ahh yes, another well run team that brings such joy to my autumn Sundays . . .

About a year ago I discovered a phenomenal blog that chronicles the misery (and occasional, fleeting joy) of being a Cleveland sports fan. Its called Waiting For Next Year Each morning they comb the blogosphere for tidbits of Cleveland related sports news and today this quote from Jim Brown (yes, THAT Jim Brown) caught my eye:

"Mangini has at least one Cleveland fan, Jim Brown- “You’ve got one boss and you know who he is and he knows what he’s doing. He’s emphasizing intelligence and understanding more than just your job. Those are all the things we did with the ‘64 team. When you understand the concept of team, then you’ve got a certain kind of advantage. When you allow individuality to take over your organization, then you’re going to have a weak setup.”

Imagine that, a Cleveland Browns team that prizes intelligence over flash, one that can count to three and not lead the league in false starts, one that does not lose a season opener because a journeyman linebacker elongates the game via a flag for throwing his helmet off.

Yes, imagine. Thats all we can do Braylon Edwards Mouth is still on the team. Don't get me wrong, I think that Braylon is quite a bright guy- but he THINKS TOO MUCH on the field. In sports, thinking is your enemy and leads to dropped passes, missed layups and Steve Sax. And then he still feels the need to talk shit about the city of Cleveland. This is not an intelligent move.

But just like every summer, I have this irrational hope that the Browns will prove everybody wrong and make a run to the playoffs. And this year, with the disappointment that the Indians seem to be delivering, I am already hoping that Mangini can work some magic . . .

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