Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fashion Week in NYC

It is Fashion Week here in NYC and I, for one, find myself once again annoyed. While I cannot deny that they overall beauty level has risen in and around 4 Times Square it is unfortunately eclipsed by the rude, solipsistic and bizarre behavior of the participants. Every couture minded freak has slipped out from behind the downtown shadows and largely inaccessible clubs to move their show to Midtown for the week. Designers, with noses firmly planted in the early fall azure, clad in polychromatic (meaning, unmatching) outfits that dare regular folk like yours truly to stare. And, oh, I do.

Yet the worst behavior lies with the stick legged, straw and mirror loving set who have unlearned how to see civilians on the street and in the Conde Nast cafeteria. They lurk behind oversized sunglasses while inside and leave behind them a trail of names like Isaac, Marc and Anna for the rest of us to stumble over. If, for some strange reason, one does dare to make eye contact with one of these glossy gals the reaction is what a Jacobin could have expected if they crossed paths with Marie Antoinette. Some, yes, are indeed attractive and some even act normal. Yet the vacant stares as they push past the crowd to get to the salad station in the cafeteria are too much to bear ...

Give me back Bryant Park at lunch, I plead!

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